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We produce the best handmade products.

I produce my products, wrap my products and ship my products in a matter, that I would hope to receive as a customer. Each and every product is made with my customers in mind. The attention I pay to the details of each and every product, sets me aside from others. In addition to ALL my products are, ALL NATRUAL WITH NO CHEMICALS, OR SYNTHETIC ingredients.

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Our All Natural Skin Care line that benefits your skin!

At Ladybug Butters, we use a higher quality of butters, to bring our anhydrous butters as well as our other products, to our customers.

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How We Got Started

In early 2016, while doing research to make a more nature product, to moisturize my nature hair. I realized the ingredients I aimed to use, were equally as beneficial for skin. And because of that desire, for a all natural product, Connie’s Ladybug Butters came to life!

Why Our Products are the Best

Our products are the best because, they are handmade, by me in my home. And not massed produced in a warehouse. Ladybug Butters, can be customized to fit your need and or desire. All while being made with high quality ingredients. And again only using familiar ingredients that you not only know, but can pronounce.

Hello, my name, is Connie

I am the owner and creator of LadyBug Butters. I started making butters in 2016 to care for my natural hair. After doing research on the products that were prevalent in making my butters.

I realized that these same oils and butters were great for the skin. And Connie’s LadyBugs Butters was born! All my products are made by me and loved by returning customers.